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in 2016 for almost 200 million. Google and Samsung expressed interest in buying, but at some point between then and now, the company struck a deal with one of the original owners of the Withings brand. Next: The best smartwatches you can buy right now. Withings also stated it will begin developing new products for release soon. Original Article: Things havent gone very well for Nokias re-branding. Presumably, those products will be re-branded back to Withings or phased out to make room for newer versions. Do you own any Nokia Digital Health products? Withings is best known for its.

The coupon code expires on July 31, and can only be used for one device, not for 40 off of multiple devices. Editor's Pick 10 best health apps for Android. If you're interested, please let me know! But judging from the history of the Nokia-Withings business, Nokia likely gave the brand away for a song. Nokia purchased the French company almost two years ago exactly for 170 million euros (204m) and rebranded all Withings products as Nokia Health devices in February 2017. The company is now switching focus again to licensing its extensive patents.

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