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Kaiser: Attacks up to 10 enemies at 465 Damage 4 times. Grand Armor:. Explosion damage hits 12 enemies for 225 damage 4 times. Level 1: MP Cost: 11, Monsters Hit: 12, Damage: 169, Stun Chance: 26, Stun Duration: 2 sec Level 10: MP Cost: 20, Monsters Hit: 12, Damage: 250, Stun Chance: 80, Stun Duration: 2 sec Tempest Blades (Active) Note: Level 20 required to learn Advanced Tempest. Each weapon will hit an enemy, dealing 1000 damage 4 times. Use the skill again after summoning to send the swords at the enemy and deal 224 damage with 3 attacks. Step 1: In the search box put the artist name or the title of the video you want to download, After you place the name in the search box then click search.

Combat arms nx coupons
combat arms nx coupons

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Level 1: Additional 20 bonus to Dragon Slash damage Level 2: Additional 40 bonus to Dragon Slash damage Impact Wave (Active / Dragon Link) Dragon Link: (attack) (UP command) Stab your sword into the ground to create an explosive shockwave that blasts multiple enemies. Its not surprising; In the entire internet world, You might want to watch a gutschein fotokasten xmas latest music video, viral, trending videos in your country or all around the world, But you lack of internet connection or a restrictive data plan. Level 1: ATT 11, Final Damage. When attacking normal monsters, Damage. Left, Right Attack, or Left, Down Attack, etc). Blade Burst (Active / Dragon Link) Dragon Link: (attack) (down command) Summon multiple swords to strike the ground and explode, dealing bonus damage. Level 1: MP Cost: 31, Number of Your Swords Summoned:. However, this will not work on all abnormal status effects. Reset Password Link Sent! 10 Permanently increases STR and.

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